Patrons – The Momentary Effect Of Sunlight

Artist: Patrons
Title: The Momentary Effect Of Sunlight
Released: 13th March 2015

Originally Reviewed For The Punk Archive


On paper, Patrons do it for me. Sold, rhythmic and melodic post-hardcore blended from generally non-standard song structures and unpretentious guitar lines? I’m in. In practice, however, I’m not convinced that these guys have totally hit their stride yet.

The Momentary Effect Of Sunlight opens with Roots, a decent song that commands interest early with some ominously quiet Mogwai influenced dual guitar work and introspective lyrics. It drops into three minutes of faintly proggy, palatable rock that tries too hard for complexity and looses momentum in the process. It blends cleverly into Circus, which goes some way to addressing the momentum issue and ends with a huge riff that could kill a moose at 50 yards. Third up is the rather average Old Rain, which has some interesting chords, a decent riff and not much else. It does, however, highlight the overall issue – there’s nothing wrong with this EP, it’s just uninspiring.

The final track, Blood Symphony, seems no different to the rest of the EP at first. However, from the two minute mark things pick up with a strong chorus and at three minutes Patrons add a hint of Post Rock to their range. The track drops down to nothing, switches time signature and channels This Will Destroy You as it builds into an epic outro. It finally feel exciting and hypnotic, making it clear that this UK four-piece have some real potential.

The Momentary Effect Of Sunlight may not be a master-piece, but it only Patrons second release. Most bands start off as a pale imitation of what they later become, so with a little faith and lots more song writing who knows where these guys could be.